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Val Blinds provide a wide range of premium window blinds, shutters and awnings in Newbury and the surrounding area. At VAL BLINDS we strive to provide excellent customer service, whilst giving you an informed choice to meet individual requirements at affordable prices with no compromise on quality. All you need to do is call for an appointment which can be arranged in the comfort of your own home or place of work.


• Energy Saving Blinds

Did you know that the average household can expect to see a 15% annual saving on energy bills by installing energy efficient blinds. They can also help to reduce the amount of heat build up during hot sunny days. So not only do window blinds save you money, they can make your home a more relaxing and comfortable environment to live in all year round.

  • Conservatory Blinds

With temperatures having soared in Britain over the past few years, people are keen to keep their homes cool during the day. Conservatories are a great way to enjoy the garden whilst being indoors but when the temperatures get too hot and so bright you need sunglasses they can become very uncomfortable. Fitted conservatory blinds are a great way of reducing the heat and the glare as well as giving you privacy when you want it.